Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Stick vs. The T-Roller

For many years one of my favorite recovery and warm-up tools has been The Stick. I have the original model as well as the travel stick. I use it before workouts if my muscles are tight or knotted. However it is also my best sleeping aid. If I find I can't sleep or wake up in middle of the night due to heavy training I spend a few minutes using it on my legs. I use it standing or sitting and find that it relaxes my muscles enough so that I can get to sleep easily.

After many years with The Stick, I was given a prize at the 2007 Millennium Mile of a similar product called the T-Roller. I like this much better than The Stick. It works like The Stick, but it has protruding knobs that allow you to get deeper into the muscle tissue. It is smaller but don't let that fool you, I think it allows you to pinpoint knots and tight spots much more productively. I have been using the T-Roller exclusively since receiving it. Either The Stick or the T-Roller should be a tool in every athlete's toolbox.

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