Friday, April 11, 2008

Revolutionary Running Shoes: No Heels and Foot Pods

I see that there is work being done in England towards developing a heel-less running shoe

These "Healus" shoes look very interesting. That is former 5000m world record holder David Moorcraft reporting and trying out the shoe. I used to be a heel striker when running but over the years have transitioned to a more forward midfoot or forefoot landing.

This reminds me of the Newton running shoe and its foot pods at the front of the shoe that came out last year.

The last running shoes that I felt comfortable training in were called Asics Tiger Paws. It was a basic flat racing shoe and after wearing out my 6 pairs they can no longer be found. I do my track workouts and races in Puma H Streets. I love the minimalism and the light responsive ride. I have raced up to half-marathons in them but don't use them for daily training.

I have gone through a bunch of other shoes but nothing feels happy on my feet. I bought a pair of Vitruvian Symmetry running shoes last fall. The original model I use is still on sale for $30 including shipping. Although they are a little too much built up for me they do have a solid flat ride while running. So I bought another pair last month for myself and a pair for my wife. Another plus is that they are a shoe company from New Hampshire. I think if Vitruvian would build a lighter less built up model for racing it would be a great training shoe for me.


Shawn McKenzie said...
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Shawn McKenzie said...

Have you considered something like the Vivo Barefoot, or the Vibram Fivefingers?

Jim Hansen said...

Hi Shawn,
I have used the Vivo Barefoot shoes for over a year now for everything but running. Now I found I have something called functional hallux limitis and I have to wear insoles. I am not sure how that would work with the Vivos (which I absolutely loved). I have a pair of Fivefingers, but only used them occasionally, liked the Vivos better (easier to put on). I am sure the insoles won't work in them!