Saturday, July 12, 2008

Return of the MP3's

I was the first one I ever knew to have an MP3 player. I got a Sensory Science RaveMP 2000 back in 1999 and I couldn't believe such technology. It could hold 30 minutes of music! I had to explain what an mp3 was to everyone I knew, because no one had heard of or seen such a thing before. I actually liked this player, its hourglass shape meant it fit snugly in my hand.

My next MP3 player, a Creative Nomad 2, held 60 minutes of music. I could also put a media card in it to add songs. Both players fit neatly in the palm of a hand and on long runs I would take both so I could hear a change in music.

Eventually I got an mp3 player with a mini-hard drive that could hold tons of music, The Rio Nitrus. It worked great at first, but like everyone else that had this player it died about 2 days after it 90 day warranty expired.

I had a few other low cost mp3 players through the years, but eventually ended up with my first iPod: a mini. It worked great and held lots of music but I had to use an armband like this to run with it and after a year the battery died. I replaced the battery but that lasted less than a year. It is now plugged into my alarm clock to wake me up to tunes of my own choosing.

Finally I got an iPod shuffle. This mp3 player is perfect for running. I clip it onto my shorts and listen to music without feeling encumbered at all by the mp3 player. It worked great, but unfortunately it disappeared from my stuff while I was in Hawaii in April. I have run tuneless since then until I replaced it this week. I am happy to be back in the music. I have no apologies for running with an mp3 player. It is one of the few times I can listen to music during my day and after running for over 30 years, I need a little diversion. However the important rule about mp3 players is never use one during a race or while training with friends.

I had another good day of running and adjusting to the heel lift. Today I ran 8 miles, yesterday 12 miles, and Thursday 10 miles for 30 miles in 3 days and I felt great when finished with each run. My hips seem balanced side to side. My right hip doesn't dip down and back. My legs feel straighter although they are still adjusting and I am being careful about overdoing it (it doesn't sound like it- but I feel like running more than I have the last 3 days). I have about 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch lift in my right foot so the angles of my feet landing on the ground, my ankle, knees, and hips all have a different angles of motion and supporting my weight as I run. I would guess I would be having all sorts of problems if I wasn't on to something with the lift. I hope my stride keeps on making improvements and adjustments as I feel a new balance as I run.