Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It is Spring, So Why I am on the Treadmill?

Monday night I lifted up a kettlebell without positioning myself correctly and something in my mid-upper back got tweaked a bit. Today I decided to run on the treadmill in case it hindered my running. Everything went fine except when I was starting the treadmill I was also fiddling with an iPod. I didn't realize that I got the treadmill speed up to 12 mph until my legs started going faster than I had planned. Fortunately, I got the speed down before I shot off the back. I actually felt real good on the treadmill and ended up doing 8 miles at a faster than normal pace. My back still is tweaked, however.

Now I am thinking about jumping in a race this weekend or next to see where I am at. I know I am not anywhere near to a racing speed and I will need a lot of races before I feel comfortable running fast. So I could do the Eastern States 20 miler or the "lesser of two evils" half-marathon (it has been a few years since I have done the 20 miler). I could also do the Great Bay 1/2 Marathon. Or I could do one of the Eastern States races this weekend and the Great Bay race next weekend. Or I could just train and save my money. I'll have to check out the upcoming weather and decide soon. What is nice is that I feel good enough running that thinking about racing is actually I choice I can make.

Here is an interesting video on marathoner Ryan Hall and Team World Vision. They are bringing clean water to people in Africa.


The Happy Runner said...

Nuts! I hope your back feels better very soon!

Jim Hansen said...

Thanks Happy!

Steve Wolfe said...

I think its time to get out there and race! Hopefully I'll see you out there the next couple of weeks.

Jim Hansen said...

I gotta get my back to relax. Today was horrible. It would seize up on me whenever I twisted or tried to sit down. I'll have to see if I can get in to see Brian Bigelow tomorrow. If I can get it settled down, I'll do the 1/2 on Sunday. If not I'll have to wait a week.