Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Every Runner Needs Good Glutes…

Here are two Postural Restoration videos for runners that show how to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings to better push yourself forward when you run. If you are a runner who has lost your butt, the videos may help to strengthen those muscles in the unique Postural Restoration style. The video comes from Becky Fisher of the Huskra Clinic. Ron Huskra is the founder of Postural Restoration. I have had over 25 years of muscular imbalances and I have tried every therapy possible to get my stride back. I had two months of twice-weekly physical therapy at the beginning of this year. Postural Restoration is the therapy that is finally working for me. I don't understand all of how it works. I do know that the therapist who worked on me figured out the correct exercises and strengthening moves to put me back on the right path. I did not do these specific exercises, but I have already added them to my routine and I will test them to see how they work for me, but they blend a few exercises that I was previously taught, so I see them as an extension of the work I am already doing. The exercises may look like simple bridges, but pay attention to the tweaks that help activate the glutes and strengthen the corresponding muscles.

Every Runner Needs Good Glutes, #1 from Becky Fisher on Vimeo.

Every Runner Needs Good Glutes, #2 from Becky Fisher on Vimeo.

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Thank you for all the PR information. The glute strengthening videos couldn't have come at a better time for me.