Saturday, May 14, 2011

Surgery has been Scheduled

August 8 is the scheduled day for my hip surgery. I am very much looking forward to seeing if this surgery will fix things and I wish that August would get here quickly. Dr. Joseph McCarthy will be the surgeon and he is one of the most well-regarded surgeons for hip arthroscopicy in the the nation.

Here is another doctor explaining what he did during surgery for a labral tear. They don't know exactly what damage is in there until the surgery, but besides a torn labrum, I am hoping they find something they can do to fix the way my femur sits in the socket by shaving an impingement down. There has always been something wrong with that hip, even before I started running in ninth grade. I did learn at the last appointment that I have a shallow hip socket and that I have very minimal arthritis, which is good.

However, before I have surgery, I have to finish out the school year and then I will be going on a trip to Kenya. I will be working with with a group of people from my church in the Mathare Slums of Nairobi. My primary job will be working with Kenyan teachers who teach in a school in the slum. I am very excited about this trip and to see what I can learn and do. The only negative is that I am going to Kenya and I can't run! It will be a very life-changing summer indeed: a trip to Kenya and surgery to make my body work again.

Here is another interesting video by Kelly Starrett over at MobilityWod. File this under things I wish I knew and did a few years ago. He gives a simple visual tutorial of how the femur and hip fit together with the hip capsule. He shows how to create stability in the hip and to keep away from having an impinged hip. Great stuff....I highly recommend following his blog.

This new book from the author of The Entrepreneurial Patient blog is a must read book for anyone with hip problems and is thinking about about arthroscopic hip surgery or has had arthroscopic hip surgery for a labral tear or FAI.


runtosmile said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope your labral tear surgery goes well. I didn't mean to suggest otherwise--I'm just very reluctant when it comes to surgery. But supposedly the recovery rates are excellent (for that procedure). I'll be following your progress-adding you to my google reader. :) T

Anonymous said...

Please be careful with your rehab from labral tear surgery. I had this done 18 months ago and the physical therapists did NO stretching with me. I have had trouble with gluteal pain and sacroiliac joint dysfunction ever since. An acupuncturist is helping to sort out the jumbled scar tissue and fascia.