Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bad stride: Following poor running form through the years

OK, I am just posting these pictures to show the consistency of my bad running mechanics  for over 30 years. The questions are: Are these typical pictures of what femoral anteversion and tibial torsion look like (on my left side)? Is my stride structural. mechanical, or a mix of the two? Or is it a pattern of poor muscular activation or dysfunction of certain muscles. I really don't like looking at myself in these pictures,  but they are an extension of my thinking after meeting with my surgeon and physical therapist today as well as discussions with some friends online and especially Brian over at who has me thinking new thoughts and understanding things better after seeing his post on the Best IT band stretch and some follow up comments he has made. There were plenty more horrible looking pictures to choose from, but in the end they all have the same consistent look to them with the left knee twisting in and the foot twisting out along with the knee caving in on that leg. Sometimes a picture is better than words.
Falmouth Road Race- high school -1976-knee in-foot out
Falmouth Road Race early 1980s
same form about 10 years ago

yech! about to tip over!

1980 marathon knee in foot out

Mid 1980s knee caving in

really falling apart- I almost didn't start this race
as my hip was so tight!

Earlier in the same race-crooked as can be
A few weeks before I stopped running in 2010.
I had started improving my form after I got shoe inserts
and some manipulations on my foot. Straighter form made my hip feel worse 
and I started wondering if I had a labral tear from who knows how long ago. 
I was right about the tear. 

This winter after surgery foot still rotated  out.


cdt1983 said...

Jim- you totally have me analyzing my running photos now. I want to see if I can improve my form and efficiency. Very glad you finally experience pain-free cycling!

Jim Hansen said...

Cole, Your racing pictures usually look like you run with a good and relaxed form, but if you find something, definitely work on it as you don't want to end up like me! The efficiency is the big thing. You can still have bad form and be efficient.