Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lauren Fleshman quote about Boston Marathon Runners

I saw this quote from Lauren Fleshman on her new appreciation on marathons and the people who run them and I think it is another way of restating the 1977 Joe Falls quote I highlighted in yesterday's blog post on the Boston Marathon.

Lauren said:

"I think this has sent a powerful message about how marathons can mobilize people," she said. "Marathoners care about each other on a deeper level. It's something I've always suspected about the running community. Now there is hard evidence."

Joe Falls said:

"The runners is Boston seem special. Maybe it's because they are all God's children. They seem to understand charity and they seem to understand discipline. How many times in the course of 80 years has one runner paused to aid another runner. That's charity. And who will ever know of all the discipline that they put into their lives in order to prepare themselves to run in this race, this arduous test of one's self."

I guess that is part of what they mean by Boston Strong.

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