Friday, October 25, 2013

ElliptiGO End of Summer Classic aerial drone video

Here is a really neat video of the End of Summer Classic races held in August, including the first ElliptiGO race ever held on the east coast. Dragonfly Aerials used an aerial drone to take some of the shots for this video. After the ElliptiGO race is shown, the video for the running event has some wonderful shots where the sky is reflected in the water which when coupled with the sharp shoreline makes it appear to be filming the edge of the world. Here is my race report on the End of Summer Classic with another race video. You can also find out who won this race. In the photo and video, I am on a green ElliptiGO with a gray shirt and a light blue helmet. It was a fun event and I have been looking forward to seeing this aerial drone video. Pretty soon ElliptiGOs will be everywhere and everyone will want their own aerial drone video cameras. Just wait to see what happens when moms and dads want to video their kid's soccer games! Anyhow there was some cool technology both racing and filming that evening!

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