Sunday, December 29, 2013

What is it like to outkick Kenenisa Bekele?

This video showed up on my Youtube recommendations today. It shows the finish of a road race in Holland. At first Kenenisa Bekele unloads a massive kick to go from fourth place to catching the leader. You can sense the speed of these runners due to the camera angles and positions. Then with 300 meters to go the leader unleashes his own sprint including some nice cornering on what looks like wet roads to demolish Bekele. It is a nice short video that gives a good idea of how fast these guys can run, but there was not much information on the race at all. Watch and listen to when the runner in first, Vincent Yator, rounds the corner. The announcer is speaking Dutch, but is sounds like Yator is "tomahawking" around the corner. I am sure that is not the Dutch word, but he he really tomahawked Bekele here anyhow!

I had to do some internet sleuthing to find out when and where this race took place. I found a longer version of the race, but it is all in Dutch (I think). It was a 4 mile road called the 4 Miles of Groningen
and it was held on October 9, 2011. Here are the results and a Letsrun thread on the race.

The first four finishers were:

Vincent Yator 17:06
Kenenisa Bekele 17:11
Gideon Kipketer 17:15
Yenew Alamirew 17:22

Here is a longer version of the race and comments by Bekele and Yator in English.

Sometimes it is nice to be reminded about how fast these guys can actually move!

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