Thursday, August 21, 2014

2014 Falmouth Road Race Elite Men's Photos

Brian Baker #666 finishing his 36th straight Falmouth.

Top 10

1   Stephen Sambu726M31:46+0:00
2   Micah Kogo128M32:31+0:46
3   Emmanuel Bett429M33:01+1:15
4   Ben Bruce531M33:21+1:35
5   Andrew Colley1723M33:27+1:41
6   Jordan McNamara2427M33:47+2:01
7   Zachary Hine1426M33:54+2:08
8   Craig Leon929M34:04+2:18
9   Robert Molke9623M34:15+2:29
10 Will Leer2329M34:20+2:35


Brian Baker said...

Thanks for the photo and shout out, Jim. The quality of all of your photos is stunning, but I do look forward to the day when you start racing Falmouth with me again. Get those hips healthy!

Jim Hansen said...

Thanks Brian, I do hope to run and race again. I did get a number this year, just didn't feel ready to use it. I am a beginner at photography, but enjoy trying something new and it keeps me from being antsy about not running.