Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Awesome 4 Week Postural Realignment Therapy Program: Online Videos and Instructions

These videos make up a 4 week/ 4 video postural realignment program that is found on Breaking Muscle and contributed by Maryann Berry. Maryann is someone who has fully recovered from the chronic hip pain in her twenties which put her in a wheelchair. She uses an exercise technique called Posture Alignment Therapy, These exercises remind me sometimes of Egoscue. I started this program on week one, but stopped doing it because my si joint was real sore. I got a Serola Sacroiliac Belt last week and it is feeling better, so I am ready to start the program again. There is a video for each week of the program and you can find more directions for each week's exercises here. I have been following the videos each week as Maryann makes them available online and it looks like a well-thought out program.

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Anonymous said...

Very much Egoscue. From the website bio on Maryann Berry -- "She completed formal training in Posture Alignment Therapy through Egoscue University" (and in her blog she credits Egoscue with helping her get in alignment after being wheelchair-bound).