Sunday, September 21, 2008

Partner Resistance Stretching

I found a series of 15 resistance stretches that Carole Childers has put online. As presented they can be used as both a strength exercise and a resistance stretch as you resist against your partner moving your muscle. These are not the stretches that Janet, the resistance trainer, used with me. Her stretches were more complicated and she had a good sense of what my muscles needed to do. These look pretty basic but they may make doing a resistance stretch easier if you have a partner to try them with. Here is the stretch for the hamstring:

Partner Resistance Exercises: Hamstring Stretch -- powered by

Here are some quadriceps resistance stretches:

Partner Resistance Exercises: Quadriceps Stretch -- powered by

Partner Resistance Exercises: Quadriceps Supine -- powered by

Here is the abductor stretch (the stretch is when your partner presses your leg down and you resist the stretch. You are strengthening when you press up as your partner provides resistance!)

Partner Resistance Exercises: Abductors -- powered by

Here is an adductor stretch:

Partner Resistance Exercises: Adductors -- powered by

You can see all 15 videos including the upper body videos on the expert village website.

If you like the idea of resistance stretching (and it is working wonderfully for me) you should visit Innovative Body Solutions to learn more and order the DVD with Dara Torres. It is a bargain at the price they sell it for. You will easily learn how to do resistance self-stretching and strengthen. You can also go to Meridian Stretching and order Bob Cooley's DVD. The DVD is the same price and it has some similar self-stretches, but some that are different from the other DVD. Both will teach you how to self-stretch with resistance stretching.

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