Thursday, July 29, 2010

1977 Falmouth Road Race

Here are some clippings and photos from the 5th Falmouth Road Race held on August 21, 1977. The race was won by Bill Rodgers and Kim Merritt.

Bill Rodgers 1st place (photos taken at about the 6 mile mark by family members)

2nd place finisher was a 19 year old Alberto Salazar.

3rd place finisher Greg Fredricks

5th place finisher Frank Shorter cooling down after the race.

Bill Rodgers post 1st place finish

Me (white shorts- no shirt)

Wearing Nike Elites (cool) and no shirt and white shorts (not cool)

High school teammate Bill Hobbs in his first road race. He wore spikes in the race just like he was used to doing in cross-country and track races.

Perrier post race!

Bill Rodgers nearing the finish.

Quotes from Bill Rodgers, Alberto Salazar's father, Cheryl Bridges Flanagan (mother of 2008 Olympic  bronze medalist in the 10,000m race, Shalane Flanagan), and Kim Merritt

It was the third Falmouth Road Race that I ran, but I can't find my time or place. It may have been the year I ran the last 1/2 mile with and finished alongside Nina Kuscick (pioneering woman's runner) and she is listed as finishing in 43:45. It is either that or the previous year that I finished with Nina. 

Gate City Stiders: Check out who finished in 33rde place. "Coach" Jim Stronach!

And check out that yellow van in the Frank Shorter photo. Did Dave Camire have a timing company back in 1977???

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chaco said...

This is a good's good to remember the old is a history...^_^

Michael said...

Good one Jim! The results read like a who's who of NE running. Shalane's Father (Steve Flanagan) also raced and finished two spots back of Shorter in 7th!

Jim Hansen said...

Oh, I didn't catch the dad there in the results. No wonder Shalane is so fast! I was fortunate to grow up about a mile from the finish line and got to see the best of the best of road runners invade my town each summer. It was like the Olympics came to Falmouth!

Scotty "PHAT" Graham said...


In the picture of you running I recognize the guy with blue shorts on and no shirt. It's Steve Peckaconious (sp). I hope this helps you figure out where you finished.

Jim Hansen said...

That's pretty good that you found another runner you know in the picture. I have seen his name around in results, so he still runs.

Scotty "PHAT" Graham said...

Yup, Steve still runs. He's from Jamaca Plan. He used to be into ultras and silly things like that but I think he's toned it back over the last couple of years.

Jim Hansen said...

I think all us long-time runners got into "silly things" along the way. Speaking of which, I hope the Ironman training is going real well for you!