Monday, January 5, 2009

Men's Journal Article on Resistance Stretching

The January 2009 issue of Men's Journal magazine has an article on resistance stretching as well as a guide to some of the stretches. You can go to the Innovative Body Solutions website here to read the article online. Just find "The Better Way to Stretch" article on the front page and click on "read the article". This is the website where you can also buy the "Resistance Stretching with Dara Torres" DVD, a very worthwhile and inexpensive investment if you are interested in learning how to do resistance stretching.

One thing I learned from the article is that there are two different types of muscle tightnesses according to Andy O'Brien, the strength and conditioning coach of the Florida Panthers hockey team. He says there is "adaptive shortening" of the muscles due to scar tissue or injury. He's says this is a permanent shortening of a muscle. It doesn't say it here, but I guess this is where you may need a therapy like active release technique (ART) or something I have never tried called the Graston Technique. The other type of shortening he calls "tonic shortening". This would be when your muscles get tight due to excessive work, like running a marathon or a hard workout. In this case it is your nervous system tightening up your muscles and thus your range of motion. He suggests that resistance stretching helps you to train your nervous system to relax and thus it allows you to be more flexible.

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