Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal!!

This year is off to a super start. This week I made it to 60 miles (Mon. = 8 miles, Tues. = 0, Wed. = 12 miles, Thurs. =8 miles, Fri. = 8 miles, Sat. =16 miles, Sun. = 8 miles). I am looking forward to racing the 10K in the Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter race next Sunday and trying to find some racing and speed muscles.

Today is Easter as well as the start of another season for the Boston Red Sox. Tomorrow,  I read "Casey, at the Bat" for my fifth grade class. Every year, a new season of baseball brings me back to that phrase, "Hope springs eternal.". Each year as I start another season of running, I hope that it will be the year that I am done with imbalances and can run like I did when I was younger. Hope springs eternal!

Here is another Postural Restoration video showing a dynamic hamstring stretch to replace the traditional hamstring stretch.

Dynamic Hamstring Activities from Hruska Clinic on Vimeo.


Michael said...

If you ran like a turkey, I must have run like a Turkey carrying an anvil.

Jim Hansen said...

I said I wasn't mentioning names, but I see you are being discreet by posting on a different entry! The next race will will both be flying!