Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So my 10th grade daughter, Emily, informed everyone last week that she has plans to run the Tufts 10K in Boston with a friend this October. I am thinking that is great news. I asked Emily if she had started training, yet. "No!" she said, "But we already have our outfits picked out for the race!"

My other daughter, Hannah, who is in 4th grade, had some friends visiting at our house on Sunday. One of the girls wanted to know where our dog was. Hannah told her that we don't have a dog anymore. The girl then wanted to know why we had all those dog toys next to the sofa in the living room. "Oh," says Hannah, "Those aren't dog toys, those are my dad's toys!"

Yes, she had only discovered one of the places I "hide" my recovery tools!


Benjamin said...

Ha Ha, that looks so much like one corner of my living room that I had to laugh out loud. My wife is pretty understaning about it, and she occasiaonally uses the "adult toys" herself.

Joe D said...

Excellent story. As a fellow sufferer and young Dad I can relate. My 2 year old much rather play with "the foam, the foam, the foam" or "the cane, the cane the cane" (i.e theracane) than his toys!

Jim Hansen said...

Replace the black roller with a rumble roller and that is still how that corner in my living room looks today! Then there is the place in my basement and more stuff under my bed. Recovery tools are everywhere!