Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Running Drills for Barefoot Runners

Matt Meztgar posted this video over at his blog. The Tera Plana people first show how barefoot running changes your footplant in this video,but what I liked about the video is that it demonstrates that even barefoot runners have to improve their posture. Barefoot running doesn't do that on its own. Some unique and interesting drills are demonstrated that show how to correct faulty posture. Matt always has some interesting and thought provoking posts. He is currentlly starting to run barefoot on pavement. He thinks this is even better that running on soft surfaces as it helps you land correctly. He is taking me to task a bit for moving towards more substantial trainers in my running, but I have to see what is going on with my feet and what I can do to best correct them before I go back to trying barefoot running. The video is excellent though and the drills seem very interesting. I'll have to give them a try.

Learning the Skill of Barefoot Running from Terra Plana on Vimeo.


Steve Wolfe said...

I have no desire to be a barefoot runner (I like my shoes) but I still find this interesting and applicable to the rest of us. Good video.

John Sifferman said...

Hi Jim,

I found your site through Matt Metzgar. I'm also a NH native, and live not too far from Manchester. One of my brothers actually spent some time working with Dananburg for some running injuries. Small world, eh?

I've been a runner for about 10 years, and actually ended up going to physical therapy for 3 years after some injuries I sustained from over-training in cross country. Long story short, my insurance stopped paying for my PT visits, and I had to learn how to heal myself.

After being told by two different doctors that I would never be able to run again, I now run 100% pain and injury-free.

So hang in there - you'll find a way. For me, I had to question a lot of basic assumptions I had about running before my recovery could take place. It all starts with the mind.

Best of luck!

Jim Hansen said...

Hi John,
Thanks for your comment. Where exactly in the mind should I look? Actually, I know what you mean. I have been told many times by doctors (and others) to quit, but I believe there is a solution out there.

I am hoping that Dr. Dananberg provides some answers and direction. I have tried every stretch, strengthening move, therapy, and tool that I could find. Mostly, I focused on my hip, but I knew my foot was involved, somehow. You can't fix the building if the foundation is off! I am very much looking forward to Dr. Dananberg's view on things.

Best wishes with your health and running.

Jim Hansen said...

... Oh, and I like your blog. You are doing some cool things with MovNat, barefoot running, and Scott Sonnon's stuff. I had been thinking that I should take out my Ageless Mobility DVD and go through it a few times again while I am getting all the Active Release treatments done. That it a good reminder to take it out today and "juice the joints"!