Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It has been just four weeks and two days since my hip surgery (arthroscopic for a torn labrum) and I am testing out running again. Today' workout: 1/2 mile around the block. This was my second run. I ran around the block a couple days ago and nothing bad happened so I tried it again today. After "jogging" around the block, I went to the YMCA and did 10 miles on the recumbent bicycle, then 3 miles on the elliptical, and finally I ventured forth to attempt one mile on the track. It took 10 minutes, but it is a starting place. The new Nashua YMCA has been great for me. I have been using the elliptical for a couple weeks now. Thw longest distance I have completed on the elliptical is 7 miles on the day after the Falmouth Road Race and I did so in its honor. That was also just 3 weeks post surgery. I am happy with my recovery, but the joints are a bit creaky.

Speaking of Creaking, my son Andrew did an internship at Regenerate Music Company in Tennessee this summer. At the end of the summer, he was allowed to record and produce his own song. Andrew wrote "Creaking Door", recorded and performed the singing and guitars (everything but the bass and drums), and produced the music track. It has become my favorite song of the summer.You can listen to it here. I think he did an excellent job for being self-taught in singing, writing, and playing. You can even download it for free if you like it. It is a little tough to hear your son, who is exactly half my age, wishing for a moment that he was younger. I would gladly take his 21 years!

Web music player

Two other Regenerate musicians I enjoyed listening to this summer (and Andrew got to work with) are Hawkboy and the smooth voiced Asiah Mehok. Here are both of their versions of Hawkboy's Two-Bit.

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