Monday, October 17, 2011

Getting greedy

Last week total running miles: 16 miles
Monday: 10 miles mountain bike/ 3 miles elliptical
Tuesday :6 miles mountain bike
Wednesday: PT
Thursday: 8 miles running
Friday: nothing
Saturday: 6 miles mountain bike/ 8 miles running
Sunday: nothing

Wednesday, I told the physical therapist I would keep the daily runs to around 4 miles, and then the next day I went and did 8 miles and then I did the same thing on Saturday. The run feels good, but the next day I end up being sore.I have to stop being so greedy and be happy with more limited miles.

I took out my box of old VHS tapes after reading Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and the Greatest Race Ever Run hoping to see if I have a copy of the 1989 Hawaii Ironman. I guess I didn't always label things well. I have a bunch of tapes that just have "Ironman" printed on them and there are tapes with all types of races from the 1980s and 1990s including triathlons, Olympics, World Championships, the Tour de France and other bike races and more. I am slowly going through them to see what it on the tapes and digitizing them. Here are two interesting segments I have found. The first is from the 2000 Boston Marathon when my school district would not allow me a personal day to run the Boston Marathon as the superintendent called it a "free and leisure time activity" that should not interfere with the school day. Instead of running the race, I taught a full day at school and then I went down to Hopkinton at 4:00 pm where I met racer director Dave McGillivray and I joined him in his "midnight shift" running of the Boston Marathon. I should have a few other news interviews from before and after the race on other tapes. This is the first one I found.

The other clip I found comes from the 1986 Bruce Jenner Classic 3000m race. I must have popped a tape in quickly while watching this race as I missed the beginning. My former Wheaton College teammate Danny Henderson was in the race. He is the guy at the back of the pack who quickly moves to leading the race as the tape starts. When I googled the race to find out more information, I found out that this was the last race run by Jeff Drenth. He suddenly died two days later according to this Sports Illustrated article.

 Jeff is the runner second from the right at the back of the pack at the first corner with the short arm swing. He is one of the Athletics West runners .

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