Monday, January 16, 2012

Congratulations to the newest Olympians

The 2012 USA Olympic Marathon Trials held in Houston are history and what a great race in both the men's and women's division. We have a strong experienced and Olympic marathon team. We just may be able to get a medal or two in London.

There is much deserved celebration for Meb, Hall, and Abdi as well as agony for 4th place finisher Ritz.

Shalane Flanagan, Desi Davila, and Kara Goucher console 4th place finisher Amy Hastings. Here are some nice pictures of the Trials.

Meanwhile, while the best Americans were running a marathon, I only got in 18 miles for the entire week:

Monday-0 miles
Tuesday 5 miles hard treadmill
Wednesday 1 mile treadmill hard to move
Thursday 0 miles
Friday 4mile treadmill
Saturday 8 miles outdoors very slow
Sunday 0 miles

I am trying some new shoes and while I feel great wearing them, the next day it is hard to run. I realized I have been doing all my training the past 2 months in a very old pair of Asics Hyperspeeds. I have had 3 pair since I wore this version (without the holes on the bottom) and they had basically been my snowshoe racing shoes for the past couple of years. I couldn't decide what type of shoe I wanted to try, so I kept wearing this old decrepit pair of shoes. As someone who likes trying new shoe technology, I finally ordered a pair of Skecher GoRuns. They feel fast when running with them, but I use muscles differently and that is why the day after I run my muscles are tired. The good news is that if I like the shoes and if they agree with my body, then these are the shoes that took Meb to his 2nd marathon PR in 69 days and a win in the Olympic Trials. If not, they end up in the box with the Vibram five-fingers, the Hoka One One Biondis, the Newton shoes, and a few other "misses" I have tried.

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