Sunday, January 22, 2012

Running: The Slow and Running: The Show

Running: The Slow:
I still can't get the mileage going as I had to take 3 days off due to the third round of trigger-point injections.

Monday: 5 miles treadmill
Tuesday: 3 miles treadmill
Wednesday: 2 miles treadmill
Thursday: trigger point injections
Friday: no run
Saturday: no run
Sunday: Freeze Your Buns 5k 23:45

I had the third series of trigger point injections in my glutes. This time the trigger points were more discreet, but I had 4 shots in my upper glute maximus and piriformis. One of the shots was much deeper in the muscle. I may be done with these shots. They have been interesting and have certainly loosened up my chronically tight muscles. During the final appointment in two weeks, she may look at other muscle such as the hamstring and calf, which she said were really tight, but she can only do some many shots per session.

My legs feel good while racing, but I have no conditioning as it is my breathing that slows me down in these races. My breathing is part conditioning and a whole lot of extra weight. If I were to go to the tables that say how much each extra pound slows you down for a mile (1 pound = 2 seconds/mile), and ran that fast in a 5k, I would be super thrilled with my time and back to running near the front of the pack. As it was, I ran about 6 seconds slower than 2 weeks ago. It was the first time I wore the Skechers GoRun shoes outdoors. I like the feel of the shoe when running and wore them for all my mileage this week. You cannot wear orthotics with these shoes, but somehow for now my feet work just the same without the orthotics in them, probably due to the rounded nature of the forefoot. The muscles on the bottom of my feet and lower legs need to get used to running without the orthotics as they do have to do more work, but I do get a better feel for the road. I am still not sure how often I will use these in the long run, but I have no other alternative for now as I have to decide which other shoe I may get for training.

Running the Show:
Here is a weekly race recap show on Youtube called Running the Show. This edition has the USA Olympic Marathon Trials, the Houston Marathon, the Mumbai Marathon, the Tiberas Marathon, and the Cross International de Italica

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