Monday, February 27, 2012

A runner again!

Last weeks running:
Monday: 8 miles
Tuesday:8 miles
Saturday: 8 miles
Sunday: 8 miles
Total: 32 miles

Someone on a labral tear message board asked a question this week about how long it took post surgery till you felt like you could run like you used to again. I had surgery in July and ran earlier than most within a few weeks post surgery. I had done an 8 miler within two months and have tried to get the running thing going, but the day I felt like a runner again was a couple of weeks ago when I got 43 miles in during the week. Each run was a struggle to get out the door and to keep moving, but there was a point during the last 8 miler of the week with about 3 miles to go for the day that I lost track of the physical part of trying to run and got lost in my thoughts. Before I knew it, I was home without recalling much of those miles. That was when I knew I was back. I am still slow and plodding on my runs, but each run since then I feel a tiny bit better and I have lots of moments when I don't have to think about running, I just do it! I am a runner again!

Speaking of labral tear surgery, American record holder and America's top sprinter Tyson Gay had labral tear surgery a few weeks earlier than I did. According to the Boston Globe, Tyson is still working on his recovery and with the Olympics looming ahead, he still is not ready. Of course, the speeds and dynamics of sprinting is much different than the forces I am putting on my hip while jogging along. One month before our surgeries, a high school runner in Falmouth, Ma. also had surgery for a torn labrum. The Cape Cod Times reports that he now has the number one hurdle time in all of New England just 8 months post surgery. That is a pretty quick turn-around for an athlete performing in such a complex hip twisting event as the hurdles, but he also is a sprinter and long-jumper. I don't know the athlete, but he runs for Falmouth High School, the same school I started running for back in 1973.

Here is this week's edition of Running the Show as presented by Athletics Now:

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