Monday, February 13, 2012

Training Miles

A solid week of running last week. I feel like I am training. It might be slow and ugly, but training is the mindset where you get out there when you don't want to do to being tired or sore. That was my running last week. Each run was a struggle to get started and a struggle to complete:

Monday: 5 miles Treadmill
Tuesday: 5 miles Treadmill
Wednesday: 5 miles Treadmill
Thursday: 3 miles Treadmill
Friday: 8 miles outdoors (good to get off the treadmill)
Saturday: 8 miles outdoors
Sunday: 8 miles outdoors (and 4 minutes faster than the previous two days)
Total 43 miles (most post surgery)

I have lost about 13 pounds in 3 weeks by eating light and healthy with no snacks or desserts.

I am mixing up my running between the SKECHERS GO Run (as seen in the Super Bowl and on Meb Keflizhigi's feet  in his recent first place USA Olympic Marathon Trials race). I can only say these are very interesting and comfortable shoes.

I am also trying out the Altra Instinct cushioned minimalistic shoes with the zero drop sole and a wide forefoot to let the toes spread out.  I am also experimenting with both shoes using my orthotics and witihout  using my orthotics.

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