Friday, March 23, 2012

Just run until you throw up!

What makes Iten, in Kenya''s Rift Valley, the home of champions? Is it the altitude, the genetics, early identification of talent, the lifestyle, or simply the diet of Ugali (it did not taste good to me!)? CNN takes a look at what makes the Kenyan runners so great. Can it simply be the hunger and motivation for success. As one Kenyan athlete said, "Just run until you throw up!"

 Whatever it is just take a look at the Kenyan runners doing some track workouts. I think it is more than just a mindset. Take a look at those bodies move. Is it mightily impressive.
Compilatie CPC from Like2Run on Vimeo.

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TRX said...

No wonder Kenyans have been so good at long distance running. They are pretty amazing people.