Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not much!

Not much to report the last two weeks. I stopped running when I felt my left hip getting too tight and sore, my adductors feeling pinched, and my glutes tightening up. That was over 2 1/2 weeks ago. I did some mountain biking, kickbiking, and elliptical to get some work in. I had  to wait two weeks to see the physiatrist to get some trigger point injections again as I could tell the knots were back. After a week off, I tried an 8 miler and that wasn't a good idea and then ran one mile indoors at the YMCA later in the week. That was two weeks ago. Finally on Thursday, I got the trigger point injections. Yes, my glutes had really tightened up. One spot on the side of my hip was like a marble. I also got injections in my IT band and the hamstring muscle next to it. I ran 3 miles today in Mine Falls and felt like a beginner again. I also did a bunch of lunges and stretches at the track at the end of the workout.
Weekly totals:
two weeks ago: 9 miles
last week: 3 miles
It is hard to be smart and take it easy when my mind wants to run, but I will get where I want to be someday.

Here are some old photos I found of the start of the Paul E. White Memorial Road Race held in North Falmouth back in 1978.

I am #64 wearing my Frank Shorter racing gear.
Lots of Nike Elite racing shoes!

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