Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Steeplechase Fails

The finish line is not the only place that a runner can take a dive. The steeplechase can be a  full-body impact track event. It takes guts to run toward the heavy wooden barrier and catapult yourself off the top and continue running. The water jump makes the steeplechase even more fun. Unfortunately with the steeplechase, not everything goes as planned. This weekend Katy Andrews had the misfortune of misstepping into the barrier resulting in a complete drenching in the pit. Like a true champion, she shook it off and continued running with a slight smirk on her face as she continued on with the race.
(article and photos here)

Here is another view including slow motion.

Katy is definitely not the first runner to experience problems with the water jump barrier.
Here is another classic steeplechase fail, with the additional ignominy of having another athlete land on top of you after having a full submersion in the water pit. Here is the story of collegiate steepler Jake Hojnacki's magnicient dousing as well as the story of his injury plagued Div. 3 running career. He ends with a nod to Katy Andrew's more recent spill with this great quote:
"I was a little upset. That got a lot more publicity than mine. I thought my fall was much better. She made Sports Center and stuff like that, but I guess guys want to see cute girls fall in face first." He added, "Hopefully we never reproduce with each other, because I feel like that child would be very clumsy and a lot of bad things would happen to that kid."

Ioran Etchechury of Brazil trips and falls into the water during the Boys 2000m Steeplechase on day four of the Youth Olympics at Bishan Stadium on August 18, 2010 in Singapore. 

I remember watching this one live on my computer. It was not a funny at all.

During the IAAF Track & Field World Championships in Osaka, Japan, several runners collide into a barrier during the opening minutes of the men's 3000-meter steeplechase. Gunther Weidlinger of Austria tripped and fell head-first into the barrier and was not able to continue. This one is a tough one to watch, but do watch the American runner flip over the barrier to avoid hitting Gunther.

Sometimes the barrier can be a bit slick.

Trying to do some gymnastics while going over.

Trying to ride the barrier like its a horse.

Skip to 2:10 to see a pileup at the barrier.

First one and then another.

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