Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lessons from a grandmother

This weeks mileage:

Monday: 0 miles-8 miles on the kickbike
Tuesday: 8 miles
Wednesday: 0 miles
Thursday: 8 miles
Friday: 8 miles
Saturday: 8 miles slow-but first time getting in three 8 milers in a row since February
Sunday: 0 miles

Total 32 miles

I am still extremely tight around my upper quad where it inserts into the hip and the side of the hip which then travels up my lower back. I would love to figure out how to calm these muscles down, but I guess it will take time. I don't seem to be hurting anything by running, but the area around my hip joint sure is stiff.

Last week, I wrote this after watching other runners finish a 5 miles race.
 I watched the 5 mile racers finish. They descend down a hill from a winding trail onto the finishing roadway where they make a quick turn on the pavement to the finishing chute. As I watched, I realized I don't or can't run with that reckless abandon anymore. There is no sprint.  There are no quick corners. There are only carefully measured out and humble footsteps
Today I saw this video of an 65 year old Kenyan grandmother. Kenyans sure know how to run, but when do you ever get to see an older female Kenyan run? Watch her loose stride as she runs downhill. All of a sudden this harmless elderly looking Kenyan woman can move like an youngster. I need some of that! First we saw the emergence of the Kenyan male runners on the world scene, then the female runners. Wait until we find out what the older Kenyan runners are capable of doing.

Here is the full video on this lady. Another interesting thing is that her right foot points out the same way my left foot does, probably even more so, but she can still move.

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