Tuesday, July 31, 2012

After 23 months, a long run!

The week didn't go as planned. I had been looking forward to Wednesday's workout for months and I could only go 2 miles, but Friday made up for it. I just decided to go further while I was feeling good. I had been told the cortisone shot in my hip would take a week or two to cut down the inflammation, so Friday was one week.

Monday: 3 miles Mine Falls Trail Race 5k (5 seconds slower than the previous week)
Tuesday:  0 miles running 8 miles cycling
Wednesday: 2 miles (then two mile walk home) Today was the day I had planned to do my first workout post surgery over 8 miles. It was the one year anniversary of my surgery. My hip joint was too tight. I was going to do 10 miles, but had to stop and walk home.
Thursday: 0 miles running 16 miles cycling
Friday: 13 miles running, hip felt better and so I did my first run over 8 miles in 23 months.
Saturday: 0 miles
Sunday: 0 miles I was heading out the door for a run, when I got a call reminding me that the Coldplay concert in Boston was in a couple of hours, not the next day like I thought. No running, great concert!

Total 18 miles running

There is a running man in this video I took of Coldplay performing "Charlie Brown."

"We'll run wild,
We'll be glowing in the dark."

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