Friday, March 8, 2013

Running to the Limits: Part 1

What happens when a overweight, unhealthy, and non-athletic person decides to test himself to see if he can become a top-notch national class marathoner.  A few years ago, I remember reading about Alex Vero and his quest to make the British Olympic team in the marathon and to go sub 2:20. It was a ridiculous notion, but he set off on his goal. He made a documentary and has just posted part one of the documentary online. He did go from fat to fit and to fast. It is interesting to see the transformation.

Part 2 of Running to the Limits will be placed online at the beginning of April.
The first episode of marathon running documentary Running to the Limits follows the first 18 months of filmmaker Alex Vero's attempt to become an elite marathon runner. The episode also features interviews from Bruce Tulloh, Bill Adcocks and Keith Anderson and lays out the question for the reasons behind the decline in British male marathon running.
I also see Boston Marathon winner interviewed Ron Hill in this first part.

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