Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pre Boston Marathon ElliptiGO Group Ride

The day before the Boston Marathon, 14 ElliptiGO enthusiasts from around the country gathered together for a ride from Boston Common to the Emerald Necklace and back up for the final mile of the marathon route. It was fun seeing some friends from the New England ElliptiGO classic, some of the people who work for ElliptiGO, and some new friends including a former Boston Marathon champion. Here are a few pictures I took along the way.

I was thrilled to meet and and ride with one of the great pioneers of women's
distance running. Jacqueline Hansen won the 1973 Boston
Marathon and twice held the world record in the Marathon.
She now rides an ElliptiGO.
The 2014 Boston Marathon was magical. Meb's win after a 32 year drought from the last American male winner was just what Boston needed. 32 years is a long time. I ran that race and it was the first year I was a teacher. That was a long time ago! Meb is also an ElliptiGO athlete. He uses it to cross train and is that the secret to his setting a new PR at 38 years old. That PR is perfect timing for ElliptiGO, which had just announced a new program for using an ElliptiGO to set a guaranteed PR or you get your money back.  Hurry up as you have to apply by May 2.

I talked with Darren Brown, a sub four minute miler, and the husband of elite 800m/1500m runner Sarah Brown this weekend and he says he may show up to race the ElliptiGO End of Summer Classic in August. I think I may be in a bit of trouble if I want to repeat winning this race!

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