Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What the Osteopath said!

The doctor that will be doing prolotherapy on my si joint the first week of April (if I elect to do this) wanted me to get my joints realigned by an osteopath before I come in and just so happened to recommend one that has office hours three miles from my house. So I went today, did the quick history thing again, and she did the maneuvers that got some pops out of my joints so that I am hopefully realigned. However in checking me over she wasn't so sure my si joint is the cause of my problems since when she pushed on it I didn't feel pain. She said that because of my funky left leg mechanics, when I run it puts a lot of torque  on my body and pelvis and when I was younger I could compensate more easily, but now that I am older my body can't handle it. In other words, I am an old man! I agree with that the torque causing problems, but I am still not sure the prolotherapy couldn't help. I asked her and she said it is like "fusing" the si joint together and it may improve things. Well, that is the point! I will see if the adjustment helps over the next two weeks before I go back again (unless I get a call to come in for the prolotherapy as I am on the wait list if someone cancels). Well, I guess I am officially an old man!

Is this what the doctor's see when I go in for appointments?

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