Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Change in Direction and "Never Get Hurt" Drills

I set a goal that if I could run a 15 miler this week (after missing a week of running) that I would do the Great Bay 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. Thursday turned out to be the day. The weather was perfect so off I went on my run. My hips have been misaligned since I hurt my back. I am not sure if it is the tightness that is still in my back throwing things off or if I just lost the good balance I had because I can't yet do the exercises I was doing previously. I struggled through the run but I still ran 15 miles.

When I went to the Great Bay website to enter on Thursday night it would not let me register (even though the page said that registration was open until Friday morning). I tried again Friday morning but it still said my credit cards were invalid. They are not. I wrote an email to the race director but never heard back. I guess that is a good sign that I should do something else this weekend. If all goes well I will do the Nashua Soup Kitchen Run for Food & Shelter. It's right down the road and runs by my school and many of my student's neighborhoods. And when did they add a 10K to this race? It has always just been a 5k race, now you can do either distance. Choosing which to do will be an interesting decision. I guess it depends on how far I run today.

Here is a good looking set of exercises from Runner's World that are supposed to help you to "Never Get Hurt". They are very well presented and include a few new ones for me to try. You are advised to do them three times a week and they only take 20 minutes. My only thought is that if that girl demonstrating the videos wears those Nike Shox shoes out running, I can guarantee that she will be injured much earlier than she could ever imagine.

You can watch the whole "Never Get Hurt" series in sequence here. I have embedded each exercise seperately below. There are good explanations for doing each drill as well as a reason why each exercise is important.


Girl on Top said...

Thanks for the video. Helpful!

Jim Hansen said...

I have changed the way they appeared on my blog. They can only be viewed in sequence on the Runner's World site (or I can't figure out how to change the code to do that!)

Scotty "PHAT" Graham said...


To bad you didn't make it over to Great Bay. It was a super day to race. How did you do in Nashua?

Scotty "PHAT" Graham said...

Just found the results. WOW you were 6th overal and won your age category. Things are really coming along for you. GREAT!!!

Jim Hansen said...

I still have a way to go but it is good to finally get out and race.