Monday, May 18, 2009

Runners (?) Clowning Around

I have never been to San Francisco or competed in the annual Bay to Breakers race, but I enjoyed this group of pictures from this years race (frolic). I guess they have toned down some of the festivities this year, but it looks like a lot of people had a lot of fun dressing up.

Of course the original running clown was a national class runner named Gary Faneli. He even led the Olympic Trials Marathon in 1980 for 15 miles. He sometimes raced as a Blues Brother. Here is a photo I snapped of him near the front of the Boston Marathon in 1984 (I think). It was a year Geoff Smith won.

One word of advice: never let that guy dressed in a pick tutu or dressed up like the Statue of Liberty pass you in a race! I have never dressed up in anything but my running clothes for a race. Maybe I am missing out on a lot of fun. In fact the only time I dressed up in a costume for anything was for this picture back in the 1980's. That is me dressed up as some kind of tart. That is my wife, Sarah, in the striped tie. There is nothing running related about this photo, except I have the legs of a runner!

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