Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Runner Again!

Two days in a row I have been able to get outside and run. It has been about a month since I last ran outside and I covered 8 miles both yesterday and today. In that time I have rested the achilles, graduated to light treadmill stuff, and finally jogged around the indoor track on Tuesday . My achilles is still sore (to the touch) and there is a pinching on either side just above the heel ( I think this is the soleus). It doesn't hurt to run and it was no worse after running. I was able to do a normal training pace both days, so I am thrilled (and ready to get rolling).

I  continued playing around with Intermittent Fasting today. I did not eat anything until dinner time. I have felt real good all week (lighter and less addicted to food). Today's test was to see what would happen if I ran without eating. I did another 8 miler at about 3:00 pm. I stuck a packet of Gu in my pocket in case I ran out of energy or something, but nothing happened and it was just a normal run with normal energy levels.

Here's Brad Pilon of comparing fasting and exercise.

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