Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Rules of Sprinting

Seems like the leadout man for today's stage (11) winner, Mark Cavendish, at the Tour de France got himself disqualified from the Tour for a head-butting incident. Mark Renshaw gave a headbutt to Julian Dean within 400 yards of the finish line as both cyclists were setting up their sprinter for the finish. Skip ahead to 4:15 in the video to see the triple head butt.

Here is an interesting video that highlights the rules of sprinting in a cycling race. This starts out with a clip of the disqualification of Mark Cavendish at the Tour of Switzerland this year. Remember the one where his front wheel got pretzeled into a Dali-like photo? The interesting video also shows  other famous sprint finishes and explains what is legal and illegal.

How The Race Was Won - Rules of the Group Sprint from Cosmo Catalano on Vimeo.

Of course if you don't like what the other cyclist is doing during the race, you can always accost him with your front wheel, such as what comically happened at the end of this years stage 6 of the Tour de France.

Here is a funny Aussie interview with Matt White, Matt lloyd, Julian Dean and Brett Lancaster all talking about the stage 6 post race fight.

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