Sunday, July 18, 2010

Higher Mileage

Good mileage this week for a total of 73 miles:
Sun 8
Tues 8 + 5k race
Wed 8
Thurs 13
Fri 9
Sat 16

I am slowly adjusting to the new insoles, but here is the peculiar thing; when I went to Dr. Dananberg to get the insoles for Functional Hallux Limitis, he said in passing that I had a shorter left leg. I told him that I have always had a shorter right leg (measured by many doctors from junior high and on) and then just let the comment pass as he is the noted podiatrist. Two days ago though, I noticed that he had glued a post on the bottom of the left insoles of about 1/4 inch. I didn't know he did that, but the funny thing is, I feel more stable and balanced with the insoles and the lift. He never measured my legs, he just used his observations, but who I am to argue if it works. Maybe it has to do with a more "functional" difference under walking and running conditions. I am still running slower than I would like, but it is nice to start getting the mileage up and the more I ran this week the better I felt.

Here is an intersting improvement on the hip flexor (psoas) stretch by Mike Boyle author of Advances in Functional Training: Training Techniques for Coaches, Personal Trainers and Athletes. You will find this stretch in the book, along with the advice to treat the soft tissue (I am getting ART), to stretch (like with this stretch), and to strengthen (he suggests doing seated psoas contractions with hands behind the back to maintain the lumbar curve and seating high enough that your feet don't touch the floor. Then begin with three ten-second holds and work up to ten X ten second holds).


Michael said...

Nice work Jim! But, make sure you keep listening to your body about the rest it needs. 73 mile weeks are awesome, except if they are followed by 0 mile weeks. :)

Jim Hansen said...

I hear you Mike, its an easier week this week, well except for that Ultimate Runner thing!