Saturday, September 25, 2010

2010 Hollis Applefest half-marathon

Congratulations to all finishers (results)of the very hot Hollis Applefest half-marathon. Here are some videos of the brutal day.

Mile 1.2 race winner Pat Moutlon in lead with 3re place finisher Andy McCarron in tow

2nd group at mile 1.2

6th place at mile 1.2

The next group of runners. I am talking to Kevin MacIntyre, Tyler Brannen, and Mike Wright.

Just about everyone else at 1.2 miles.

2nd and 3rd place at about 1/2 way into the half!

4th place

55 year old Dave Parsel in 5th place and the 6-8 places. I found Ron Kita biking out on the course and we were comparing running injuries!

9-11th place. Kevin MacIntrye

First woman and eventual winner Eileen Combs.

The next group of runners. Ron got hit by a car a few years ago at Applefest and still won his age group!

the next runner

Way to go Tyler Brannen!

Eventual 2nd place finisher Bonnie Ritchotte and the only person I could find smiling in the heat!

Go Mike Ward! Eventual winner of my age group 50-54.

Ray Brown 2nd in my age group-you get a Mile High Apple Pie!

Pat Moulton closing in on the finish and a repeat win.

I would much rather have run the race and been in the hunt for another Mile High Apple Pie, but I am going in for an MRI on my hip on Monday. At least I can bike with my hip, so I took out my old 1984 Centurion Cinelli Bike (took me through a few Ironman distance triathlon in the 1980's) and my old Nashua Velo Club shirt from the early 1990's and rode just like in the old days. It was brutal conditions out there today, so if I was going to miss a year this was a good one to miss.

Steve Wolfe has photos of the race here. When I saw him at the 12 mile mark I came over to visit and he caught me in my old cycling gear crossing the road in back of Ken Goodwin, 2nd place in the 55-59 age group, and a guy I ran with all summer at the Lowell Good Times series.

A few photos I took on the course

Tyler Brannen

Mike Ward and Brendan Loehr

Ray Brown and Benjamin Quick

Kevin MacIntyre and Eileen Combs

2nd place finisher Matthew Terrasi

 3rd place finisher Andy McCarron

5th place finisher 55 year old Dave Parsel

Frank Row relay 

 7th place overall Joe Mulligan leading 6th place overall Mark Odell

 7th place Joe Mulligan

9th place Adam Evans

 10th place Kevin McIntyre and 11th place-first female Eileen Combs

2nd female Bonnie Ritchotte

3rd female  Ann MacDonald  
Tyler Brannen

Mike Ward

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