Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eammon Coghlan Documentary Video

I really enjoyed watching this Eammon Coghlan video documentary that juanmarti2 just uploaded to Youtube. You get to see some great historic Olympic and World Championship video from this great Irish runner.

Here is a picture I took at Franklin Field in Boston at the National Cross-Country Championships back in 1982 (I believe). It was won by Pat Porter. The first of eight that he would win. In this photo you can see Pat Porter in the lead with Ed Eyestone directly behind him. Eammon Coghlan is third in ithe NYAC singlet. I believe that is Jeff Drenth behind Eammon. Leading the 2nd group is Dan Henderson, a former teammate at Wheaton College. He is the tall thin guy running in the Athletics West shirt (#6). Next to him is Dan Dillon #3, who is now married to the former Amercan record holder in the marathon, Patti Lyons-Catalano. Two other runners in this field (not visible) were my former high school teammates Mark and Andy Whitney. They were running this race as teammates of Eammon Coghlan for the NYAC. I believe that is the last time I saw these three former teammates. The Whitney's sister is Laura Bianco, a (former) Gate City Strider runner and the winner of the Hollis Applefest half-marathon back in the early 1990s.

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