Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mental Running!

Wednesday, I go in for an MRI on my hip. I have taken lots of time off (in my world) because I was limping and my hip was hurting. My last attempt at a run last week ended with my body stopping after 2 miles and me doing a slow limp home.  Monday night when I couldn't sleep, I did lots stretching, including a weird inner ankle foot stretch that every two months or so calms things down throughout my body. Tuesday, I tried running again because I felt good for a change and did 8 miles. But, after 6 miles I was back to trying not to limp and after the run, I was no longer feeling good. I saw Dr. Baroody again Wednesday and told him about the weird stretch, which basically puts my left leg into a soleus stretch that looks like an exaggerated view of my worst running form. Anyhow that stretch significantly calmed things down. I was thinking it may be stretching some ligament. He thought it might be joint capsule in the ankle area. He did some ART stuff down there as well as other treatments before sending me on my way and agreeing that I might find I have a hip capsule tear. But I felt real good and balanced after this treatment.

I was missing running and feeling antsy so late Wednesday night, I got on the treadmill and did 2 miles, but this time I strongly told myself that there was nothing wrong with my hip and I kept telling myself that and believing it. I pushed down hard through the sore hip and through the tight muscles rather than let my hip tighten up and protect itself. I had a pain-free night of sleep that night. I did 3 miles the next night on the treadmill and again worked the hip hard by pushing down through it. I was sensing more mobility and movement in there. Had another great night of sleep-no pain waking me up. So Saturday I did the big test. I went 8 miles. It was harder to remain focused on pushing through the hip when it started feeling tight, but again would focus on telling myself that nothing was wrong. A couple of times my leg gave way and tightened right up, but I got out of that quickly. I felt looser after the run and had even a better sleep. Three nights in a row without getting up and stretching or rolling my muscles out. I woke up for the first time in many months without even any crankiness in the hip and felt that way all day. I did another 8 miles again today with the same mental focus. Everything was pretty much OK again-but I can sense that hip wanting to tighten right up. My running muscles were a bit stiff, but I like that feeling as it means I am working again. The hip still doesn't work right and can't find its groove, but the muscles that were so very tight all summer are loosening up their grip, maybe because I am forcing them through the tightness, rather than giving in to it. At least I am running instead of sitting on my butt doing nothing. Anyhow, I am eager to see what the MRI is like and what it shows about my hip.

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smartwool said...

Sorry to hear bout your hip...But you have great fighting spirit...So good to hear you run than staying at home..