Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Looking for a Surgeon: Labral Tear

At the end of a busy racing month last August (11 races), I finished my first 5000 meter track race in 30 years just like many of the other races that month; with a very sore left hip and glute. I had to hobble to the track's infield, sit down, and think about another poor race and a hip joint that just wasn't right. Then I had to try to stand up and move with a painful hip that just didn't even want to cooperate enough to help me walk easily to my car. I knew it was time to realize that I couldn't run through the pain any more and I had to think about the possibility that something was so very wrong that just wouldn't fix itself no matter how hard I tried.

I had been wondering if I had a labral tear in my hip and wrote this post last September. It pretty much sums up what a labral tear is, so I do not have to repeat it. What I can say is that my MRI images show that I have a possible small labral tear in the superior (front) labrum, as well as another possible small tear in the posterior labrum. I guess that they can't tell if I have a hip impingement until they do surgery, but I bet they find that too. The report says I have mild degenerative changes in both hips. So I am looking for an experienced surgeon. Here is my thread on Letsrun.com. There are numerous threads all over the internet that I am scouring for advice and recommendations. Unfortunately the first doctor I called doesn't even have an appointment available for a consultation until August. I definitely want surgery, but don't want to wait that long! Anyhow, it is fun playing with the images taken during my MRI. I don't know how to read them, but it is interesting to see your internal muscles and bones, particularly the ones that have caused me so many problems.

This new book from the author of The Entrepreneurial Patient blog is a must read book for anyone with hip problems and is thinking about about arthroscopic hip surgery or has had arthroscopic hip surgery for a labral tear or FAI.


Steve Wolfe said...

Jim, I'm glad you finally have the answer to your woes. As a runner and friend, it's tough watching/reading you go through all this. I hope you find the right surgeon to get you back on the trails and/or roads again!

Michael said...

I wish you the best of luck Jim! And, I hope you come through this stronger than ever.

Jim Hansen said...

Thanks guys,
I look forward to the day that I can get out there and run and race with you again!