Friday, April 1, 2011

The Kettlebell Swing

This is an outstanding video lesson on performing and troubleshooting the kettlebell swing. It comes from Delaine Ross from All About Kettlebells.

While the labral tears in my hip won't let me run or bike, strangely enough I can do hundreds and even over 1000 of these in a workout without any hip or back pain. It must be because both legs are stable and all motion is forward and back. On the other hand, if I perform one-handed swings I get an irritated back and irritated nerves down my leg that will last for a day or so just like when I bike. It must be the little bit of twist through the hip and back. The kettlebell swing is cardio and strength training all rolled into one exercise.

I joined a Kettlebell Challenge where you are supposed to try to complete 10,000 kettlebell swings in the month of April. My goal is to do 15,000 swings. You just can't take the distance runner out of me!!

On the other hand, this video shows you how to NOT use kettelbells, even though the instructor says it is the "funnest" way to use kettlebells!!

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