Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jay Johnston's General Strength Progression

Coach Jay Johnston has 5 videos online which detail his general strength progression for runners. They originally appeared in Running Times magazine. Jay says, "The General Strength progression below is the content that I most frequently forward when answering questions on how to improve your running." You can find his post with all 5 videos here. The Colorado mountains in the background are just magnificent. Here is the first routine

These directions are pretty simple and I wish I knew and practiced this stuff years ago. The short routines that Jay presents are certainly worth the effiort and he suggests doing them post run. I have worked through the first routine a couple of times now. His lunge matrix is another valuable routine that I hope to be able to start again soon with my hip. Jay recommends doing these before running or any other work.

Coach Jay also put together two DVDs in his Building a Better Runner series. I did a little bit of proofreading work for Jay on them, so I hope you don't find any spelling or grammar mistakes if you watch them! Here I reviewed the DVD a bit. I found that the DVD had tons of good information, but knowing what to do and sorting through the DVD to figure it out was too much for me. If you want to work on your building yourself up using Jay's methods, the general strength progression posted above is an excellent way to start. He has posted a lot of other worthy stuff online. I would recommend the DVDs to a coach, a trainer, or to an athlete how wants to dig a bit deeper into building up their body for running so that they can keep injuries at bay and fun faster.

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