Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A story about consistency and durability

Earlier in the year I wrote about the Baker brothers from New York, Brian and Jeff, and their ongoing streak of running (now) 33 straight Falmouth Road Races. I have to congratulate Brain Baker for reaching yet another significant (and magnificent) milestone. Earlier this month on December 10th, he ran the Rehoboth Beach Seashore Marathon and just dipped under 3 hours with a time of 2:59:53. The 7 seconds under 3 hours are very important. Back on December 2 in 1979 Brian first ran a marathon faster than 3 hours when he ran the Jersey Shore Marathon in 2:56:29 . That marks a span of time of 32 years and 8 days between his first and most recent sub 3 hours marathon. Soon Brian's name will appear on  this international list for longest time spans between sub 3 hour marathons. He will be in 25th place and will be keeping fast company with a list of high quality runners, some with national and world class performances. This is the list I want to recover for and try to make some day. It may take awhile, but it is my primary racing goal, if I ever get up and running healthy again. For me it is just a far in the future dream right now, but the competition is getting stiffer to make the list. It is great to see an extremely consistent runner like Brian make this list. Congratulations and well done!

I think this shows how good it must feel to finish and beat your goal! It must have been harrowing the last few miles trying to get under the 3 hour barrier!

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