Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Falmouth Road Race and Falmouth Mile Videos

This year I got to watch the Falmouth Road Race for the first time ever after running it over 25 times. I decided to cheer on the runners where Surf Drive and the bike path cross, three something miles into the race. I was not ready for how dizzy you can feel watching all the runners go by. I shot video of all the competitors until my battery died. If you ran the race, you may be in here. It was fun to watch, but next year I hope that I am back to racing again.

Here are the first few wheelchair competitors:

The leaders and the first wave of runners (article on race):

Here is the wheelchair division of the Falmouth Mile:

Here is the men's division of the Falmouth Mile:

I videotaped the women's mile, but the finish was very fuzzy, so I did not put it up on youtube. If some one wants to see it let me know.

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