Monday, August 6, 2012

Desiree Davila's Olympics

I have been reading for weeks about Desi Davila's hip flexor injury and whether she would or wouldn't attempt the Olympic Marathon. It is too bad that such a tough runner was felled by an injury right before the biggest race in her life, the race that had been her lifelong goal.

A hip or groin injury suffered during a series of workouts in early July didn't allow her to train regularly in the run-up to London. She worked out on an anti-gravity treadmill, underwent daily physical therapy for the injury and even took a cortisone injection last month before heading overseas.

There was no alternate to take her spot, so she justly suited up for the marathon race in London and hoped for a miracle. It didn't happen and she ran 2.2 miles before dropping out.

An article today brings up a possibility that Desi has a labral tear in her hip. That is something I had been wondering about all along.

An MRI had ruled out a fracture, but Davila, 29, will go for another round of tests when she returns home, she said. It could simply be tendinitis in her hip flexor. It could be a torn labrum. It could be a sports hernia. She's heard all sorts of theories the last few weeks.

Hopefully, it is just tendinitis. A sports hernia and labral tear require surgery and a long recovery. If it is a labral tear, Desi can gain confidence in the fact that New Zealand 1500 meter runner is looking like a strong candidate for a second Olympic medal despite arthroscopic surgery for a torn labrum three years ago as well as Tyson Gay's fourth place finish in the 100 meters yesterday after surgery on his hip last July. It is a injury and surgery I know well, as I am now one year post surgery for a torn labrum in my hip. Whatever happens, we can only hope that Desiree Davilla gets another shot at Olympic Glory in Rio. After all, who can forget Desi's inspiring run to the finish line at the 2011 Boston Marathon?

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