Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ElliptiGO Every Day in May Challenge

This month is the second "Every Day in May Challenge" and the goal is to ride your ElliptiGO every day at one of these goal levels: 5, 10, or 20 miles per day. I am GOing for the 20 mile challenge. Last year, I rode every day in the challenge and accumulated just over 1000 miles. This year the challenge started during the ElliptiGO Spring Classic so I had some people to ride with. Then last week I rode my highest weekly mileage ever just going over 300 miles for the week. It really wasn't that bad. My only problems were getting mileage in as it was getting dark and sometimes getting thirsty.

There is also an ElliptiGO photo challenge #EDIM and #ElliptiGO. I have been trying to put a photo up on twitter every day and found out I was one of two winners for the first week!

Here are some of my photos. The first group ElliptiGO photo is the winner!

Plus I ran into my ElliptiGO riding neighbor at the end of a ride this week. I think we own the only two ElliptiGOs in Nashua.

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