Saturday, December 19, 2015

The School Run - A short film about running in Kenya

This is a fun and perfectly done short video called "The School Run" It shows a bunch of kids at a school in the Kenyan countryside staging a race over the terrain and obstacles they encounter along the way. It brings back many good memories of my trips to Kenya, That is how the kids have fun and this really shows their personalities! They love acting out things, but "ouch" to how they get medals for the winners. I brought an ElliptiGO bottle opener to give to the school I was working at this summer. You are always looking for a bottle opener there! I only wish more American kids still had the opportunity and desire to get outside and play like this!

Published on Mar 13, 2013
Three Kenyan school children rise to the challenge of emulating their National hero's by staging a steeplechase through a beautiful Kenya backdrop.

Filmed on location thanks to the work of the staff and children at the Tumaini Mission Centre - Jitegemea Schools.

Starring: Kevin Mutota, Patrick Mutsotso, David Ngugi, Joyce Wanjiru and Robinson Kinuthia

Music by:

Olima Anditi

James Nzomo

The music on this is great too!

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