Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tibial Torsion or Tibial External Rotation?

Having been told through the years that I have tibial torsion in my left leg, I am not always in agreement with the doctors and therapists. Yes, there is something there and has been since I started running in high school that goes along with my femoral anteversion in that leg, but sometimes it is bit very pronounced and sometimes it looks horrible. Some of the photos of my leg twisting and compensating in the last 10-15 years of running I did where just crazy looking. Since my arthroscopic surgery in 2011, my running has been curtailed, but one thing that I notice is that some days I feel great (and that is when my lower leg is straightest) and other days I feel terrible and that is when my leg is rotated out a whole lot more and my knee gets really tight.

I had been doing some lunging stretches where you use your hands to rotate the tibia back as much as you can, but here is another similar move that I have been trying. It is hard to "feel" any movement, but it seems to help when things get messed up.

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