Sunday, June 17, 2012

Resetting a tight hip joint

After my final PT session, my left hip tightened up on me again and I was limping around for a couple of days. Then I found this reset for a tight or impinging hip from The Manual Therapist and it seems to work like a charm. It gives a gentle stretch for the muscles around the hip joint, but I think abducting the leg a few times realigns my femur in the hip socket and loosens up my hip capsule. I have the video fixed to start on the hip reset.


There are other "resets" that you can do yourself here. They are basically repeated end-range motions that you don't normally go to. They are also usually opposite motions than what you would normally stretch. He starts with resets for the ankle and goes right up to the neck: ankle, knee, hip, lumbar spine, shoulder, and neck. These should reduce pain and increase movement and you can do them often until they take. Dr. Erson Religioso in the video compares them to The Mulligan Technique mobilizations in that they if they don't work after a few times, then move on to something else. I got this book Self Treatments for Back, Neck and Limbs: A New Approach on Mulligan Mobilizations a couple of years ago, but I can't say that I tried anything in the book that worked like this quick hip one.

Here is the full video starting at the beginning.

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